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Stone Waterjet Cutting

Stone material is a challenging material to deal with when it comes to manufacturing it and specially cutting specific shapes out of it. These difficulties are mainly due to its physical properties:

  • Appearance and Texture
  • Density
  • Structure
  • Strength and hardness

Numerous cutting methods are available worldwide and also are able to handle handle stone materials, yet the waterjet cutting is quite often considered as the best solution to ensure high quality results every time by many clients and here’s why:

  • Minimum to no waste of raw material which is an economic friendly quality of service.
  • High quality edging which eliminates any needs for secondary processing.
  • The ability to cut any type of stones and form the most complex shapes out of it with ease.
  • Cold cutting eliminates any risk of losing colors or deformation of the raw material.

Unlike some other cutting methods, Waterjet cutting’s efficiency will be guaranteed as it is an Ideal choice for delicate stones material. Applying a steady stream of high pressure with consistent accuracy leads to generating accurate custom designs for a very reasonable price.

Our Company Galeor provides high quality Stone waterjet cutting services in Grand Montreal Area, check our services here.

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