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Rubber Waterjet Cutting

The Rubber processing industry is constantly moving forward, it is essential to choose the right machinery and techniques to keep up with it. Doing so requires taking in consideration the rubber material’s properties:

  • Hardness and elasticity
  • Tensile strength
  • Elongation
  • Tear resistance
  • Compression

Dealing with such properties when it comes to manufacturing (specifically cutting), requires choosing the most convenient method for this material’s properties.

Waterjet cutting is an excellent choice for rubber material; manufacturers have chosen it due to its very appealing services for their business:

  • High accuracy, the high water pressure applied by the water jet cutter can cut with persistent precision resulting in a high quality shapes with the need of second processing
  • Economic, water jet cutting is ideal for rubber material as it eliminates any unnecessary waste of material which is Ideal for any manufacturers business.
  • High speed, A water jet cutter can cut stacked rubber materials effortlessly
  • Complex shapes, creating such shapes out of rubber material have become easier

High pressure and accuracy results in forming numerous complex shapes out of rubber material in a record time, such high quality Water jet cutting services are available in Grand Montreal area through our company Geleor, Check our services here.

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