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Metal Waterjet Cutting

Metal is a leading industrial material, It is widely used by manufacturers all over the world, however, metals can be difficult to deal with due to its special properties:

  • Thermal conductivity.
  • Deformation under stress and strain.
  • High density.
  • Elastic and Plastic deformation.

Cutting a material with this kind of properties requires an efficient technique to help shape it without causing any major imperfections. Waterjet cutting happens to meet all the requirements to handle this material’s properties. This cutting method is chosen by many manufacturers all over the world for the following reasons:

  • Based on Cold cutting, no deformation is caused by heat, no hardened spots near the cutting edge.
  • Eliminating hazardous gazes, fumes and vapors
  • High quality edging which results in a polished edge requiring no secondary processing.
  • The ability to cut metals with high density.
  • No changes to the material’s structure.
  • Economic and fast, zero raw materials are lost and zero time or fees are wasted on secondary processing.

Water jet cutting is a perfect method to process metal materials; it was proven throughout the years to deliver a high level of efficiency and accuracy, such services are provided by our Company at very competitive rates in Grand Montreal Area, you can check our services here.

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