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Water Jet Cutting in Montreal

Water jet cutting is a growing industry, due to its high efficiency while cutting delicate and heat sensitive materials. The advantages presented by this method have raised the bar for other cutting techniques in the industry to stand a chance against water jet cutting.

What is Water Jet cutting?

Water jet cutting is a cold cutting technique discovered back in the 19’s, it is based on a tool capable of cutting numerous types of material using a high pressure jet of water called the water jet cutter. This machine is capable of cutting material that would be deformed, melted, cracked and or many unwanted results if cut using other techniques. These unwanted results are totally eliminated by the water jet cutter which makes it a premium tool in the industry.

Today, the services provided by this water jet cutter made it a number one choice for many manufacturers, these services can be easily accessed worldwide, and Our Company Creation Galeor provide these high quality services in Grand Montreal area.

Why use a water jet cutter?

This tool provides a wide range of cutting qualities such as:

  • Multi axis cutting – the ability to cut in every direction.
  • High speed – compared to other cutting tools, the water jet cutter is one of the fastest out here.
  • Cold cutting – the water jet cutter eliminates any hardening, heat affected zones.
  • High level of accuracy, good edging quality – no need for secondary processing.
  • Intricate cutting – the ability to form complex shapes out of any material.
  • Economic services – Reducing any unnecessary lost of raw material, also the water used in the process is clean enough to be recycled
  • Workload free – applying zero mechanical stress on the processed material.
  • Clean working environment – releasing no hazardous gazes, dust or grindings and the cutting process doesn’t require any kind of oils or emulsions
  • Simplicity – water jet cutter can be easily operated through computers without any special form of training for the operator.
  • Availability – manufactured and available all around the world

Manufacturers found the advantages of the water jet cutting over many cutting methods very appealing for their industrial business.

All these advantages and many more are provided by our company Creation Galeor, you can check all of our services here.

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What kind of Material can water jets cut?

Water jet cutters can virtually cut any material out there; here are the most common ones:

  • Plastic (Reinforced Plastics, Raw Plastics, etc)
  • Foam and Rubber (natural rubber, dense foams, automotive interiors, etc)
  • Stone (custom tiles, stepping stones, kitchen and vanity tops, etc)
  • Metal (Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Brass, etc).

The services provided by our company Creation Galeor can process all the mentioned materials based on our clients’ preferences. Check our services here.

Why choose us?

Regular water jet cutting services can be easily found on the web; it is the premium quality we provide for such competitive rates that separates us from the rest. Contact us for more information