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LED Ceiling Lighting

LED (or light-emitting diode) is today’s first economical lighting solution; consuming less energy and lasting longer than any regular lighting source, LED lighting comes in a wide variety of designs and shapes suitable for any type of indoor or outdoor environment. Unlike many other lighting resources, LED lighting can be custom designed to open new decoration possibilities such as LED ceiling lighting designs.

Designing LED ceiling lighting

Custom designed LED ceiling lighting is a top decorative yet practical element; it is widely used in many environments such as houses, lobbies, hotels, bathrooms, offices, etc. Custom made LED ceiling lighting has numerous privileges over other regular ceiling lighting sources such as:

  • Artistic: which the most common quality about LED lighting sources. It has a modern, elegant and clean look to it with custom colors to go with the surroundings.
  • Variety: custom LED Ceiling lights come with a wide range of shapes, shades and colors.
  • Economic friendly: LED Ceiling light consume 90% less energy than many other light sources, it Reduces maintenance and cooling costs as it lasts about 30 to 35 times longer and generates the least amount of heat.
  • Environmentally friendly: no hazardous materials are used in LED Lights as it is a safe way to brighten up indoor environments.
  • Availability for design and manufacturing: LED light ceiling design services are available worldwide (our company Galeor offers these services here).

With that being said, the demand on such services is growing lately and it is quite challenging to find an experienced service provider to ensure high quality results, which leads us to that when designing LED Ceiling lights, there are some points that should be put in mind:

  • Design and size: having an initial idea about the design that suits the placement is all you have to do as a client.
  • Designing service provider: an LED ceiling lighting designer will be able to understand, plan and accomplish all your initial ideas. Choosing an experienced designer can save a client money, effort and time. (Our company Galeor provides a mixture of experience and professionalism, here is a link at our services).
  • Fabrication material: a client must choose the right material to go with his decoration plans, personal preferences and budget. The choice is made upon the materiel’s texture, durability, maintenance and affordability.
  • Fabrication process: fabricating a custom designed LED ceiling light requires choosing the right fabrication method such as CNC and Water jet cutting as they can handle any materiel and produce complex shapes with high quality edging at the same time, without the need for any secondary processing.

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Designing LED Ceiling lighting requires having an experienced yet creative service provider to guide the client through the process properly and help him turn his visions and ideas into reality.

Our company Galeor Creation offers such high quality, substantial and creative LED ceiling lighting designing services for very competitive rate in the Grand Montreal Area, contact us for more information