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CNC Cutting of Wood

Wood materials have become clients and manufacturers’ leading choice for many of their projects. It is considered a solid, sustainable and budget-friendly material. Processing wood requires understanding its physical properties:

  • Density
  • Internal stresses
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Swelling, cracking and warping
  • Natural humidity regulating (affected by weather conditions)

When dealing with woody materials, it is essential to choose the right processing method to avoid any potential difficulties regarding the wood’s properties such as heat sensitivity, overworking stress risk and high density.

CNC cutting is an Ideal technique to cut wood materials without affecting its quality and conditions, using CNC cutting wood will ensure the following:

  • Consistent accuracy allowing the Creation of Complex shapes with High quality edges every single time
  • No extra money is wasted on second processing, raw material loss or design errors which makes it an economic-friendly cutting method.
  • CNC cutting is faster than many other cutting methods out there, it can process high volumes, create identical results and waste zero time on overworking breaks and secondary processing.

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CNC cutting wood is a well-known technique, services offering CNC cutting are available worldwide. Finding a high quality service may be quite challenging but the results are worth it. Our company Creation Galeor offers high quality CNC cutting services at very competitive rates in the Grand Montreal Area. contact us for more information.