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CNC Cutting of Plastic

Plastics represent an economic yet efficient material that is used worldwide in today’s manufacturing industry. The ability to form complex shapes out of it made it a leading choice for many manufacturers. However, plastics are a sensitive material to deal with due to his following properties:

  • Adaptability.
  • Hardness.
  • Density.
  • Durability and tensile strength.

Dealing with such delicate material requires choosing the right cutting method to avoid common difficulties like heat sensitivity, plasticity, overworking the material stress, etc.

CNC cutting is an ideal method to process plastics as it complies with its properties. Using CNC cutting will ensure the following:

  • High quality, clean and polished edges for every manufactured element.
  • Volume processing by producing multiple and fully identical elements consistently fast.
  • Reducing the loss of raw material due to its consistent accuracy when cutting plastic.
  • Reduced error frequency compared to many other plastic cutting methods.
  • High up-time operating and fast processing services reducing the time spent for the finished product to reach the client.
  • Availability, as manufacturers from all over the world offer CNC cutting services.

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CNC cutting services can save clients both money and time. However, it is quite challenging to find high quality service providers. Our company Galeor offers such high quality services at the Grand Montreal Area for very competitive rates, contact us for more information.