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All-purpose CNC cutting services

Galeor Creation specializes in CNC cutting of all type of materials, for every end goal & propose of all type of customers. By applying the most advanced technology, the company’s long time experience in the field of cutting services & a highly proficient work force, we are able to reach out to a variety of customers, such as: architects, mechanical designers, private & public companies as well as private customers and offer them all, the most professional cutting services to meet their most demanding criterions and to their full satisfactory. Galeor Creation operates the cutting edge CNC machinery and have machine of different sizes & power designed to supply a wide range of cutting solutions, advanced tools, procedures for unified tasks in accordance with all type of materials and advanced IT systems. All these advanced equipment, the company uses, is operated by an experienced work force.

All of these working conditions, allows Galeor Creation – Cutting Service – to provide the most professional & high quality cutting services while considering the customer needs & demands, planning a work schedule & milestones and updating the customer with regards of entire work process up until an end product is reached.

Service & Professionalism

Galeor Creation. is fully aware to the importance of customer service. For this reason, we train our stuff to provide quality & courteous service, so that, regardless of delivered top of the line end result, the customer is involved in every aspect of the work process and is updated constantly by direct contact with company staff & employees who work on his order, in order to meet the customer complete satisfaction. All our company customers, enjoys consultancy services without any obligation, on their part, including assistance in preparing the work plane & schedule, required before reaching the production line itself. The service & professionalism of Galeor Creation Cutting Services allows us to keep the customers happy both from the end product and the working process.

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Attention to Details

Galeor Creation offer customers cutting services via CNC for a variety of materials such as: Perspex, metals, paper, fabric, lather, glass, plastic, corrugated cardboard, aluminum alloys etc. Company puts an emphasis on all parameters insuring the work is done in a professional manner. These parameters include: laser precision cutting, high speed cutting velocity which contributes reducing coast and saving materials.

All of these, aids the company deliver a high quality finish end product to the customer.