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Creation Galeor CNC & Water Jet Cutting Services

Are you looking for a smart, forward-thinking company based in Grand Montreal?

We are specialists in CNC Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, LED Ceiling Lighting and Interior Decor.

Whether you’re an architect, mechanical designer, private individual or public company, we can help you out. At Creation Galeor, you will be in safe hands.

Every decision we make is based on years of experience. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep up with our competitors – if anything, we remain miles ahead of them. From our stylish LED lights and slick interior designs, to our high-speed water jet cutters, Creation Galeor belong at the cutting edge of trends and technology.

CNC Cutting

cnc cutting

Waterjet Cutting

Design using LED Lighting

LED Ceiling Lighting

Interior Decor

All our services are of the highest quality, and consistently low waste. We think only in the long term: of smart, simple, economical solutions to everyday problems. Which is good news for your wallet, and good news for our planet.

At Creation Galeor, we offer a wide variety of services for many types of customer. But our highly-trained staff ensure that no area is neglected, and our years of experience ensure that no customer is ever left behind.

And this, ultimately, is what puts us head and shoulders above the competition. Creation Galeor will be with you from the drawing board to the final product, sharing outlines, milestones, and developments. What’s more, this service will always be delivered with a smile. Because we love what we do. And we can’t wait to get started.